We're on a mission to revolutionize the bathroom experience, one clean bum at a time.

The Best Bathroom Experience

We've been pooping our entire lives and most of us have accepted paper products as the go-to standard for cleaning up. We believe it's time for a better change that will lead to a cleaner, more convenient, and more enjoyable bathroom experience for everyone.

As designers we wanted to bring the luxurious experience of a shower in a mini, comfortable and portable solution that's built for your bum. We spent the past few years finding the right balance of water storage, pressure, and portability to bring you the incredible experience of WonderSpray.


Bring you the most luxurious and comfortable bathroom experience

Never stop improving our products and reduce our environmental impact

Strive to be available 24/7 and your one-stop-shop for your bathroom


Frequently asked Questions

We recommend dabbing dry with 1-2 sheets of toilet paper after spraying clean for the best results. You can also use a mini towel to dab your bum dry. Using a towel is similar to how you dry yourself after getting out of the shower, except this time your bum is the one getting out of the shower :)

We will be shipping internationally to all accessible countries around the world!

Nope! When going out you can simply twist the nozzle head clockwise to turn the device into “Inactive State”. When the device is in Inactive State it will not operate or release any water. The WonderSpray is especially designed to prevent any leaking or mess.

Typically it takes anywhere between 8 seconds to 40 seconds for a full, comfortable wash. The WonderSpray has 4 different pressure settings that range from a 15 second wash, to a 45 second wash depending on the mode you’re using.

The WonderSpray comes with specialized built-in batteries that do not need replacing, so you can spray away all day long without worrying about replacing batteries!

You can refill your WonderSpray with your preferred water temperature from the sink. It’s super quick, easy, and convenient!

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